Amazon customer care number toll free 1800 3000 9009

Amazon India customer care number service can be contacted by 3 ways to contact: ie. via phone, email, or online chat.


Amazon India customer care number if you want to speak to a customer service associate then you can either phone them yourself, or you can request them to call you.

To phone them:

To phone amazon India customer care them yourself, these are the only numbers you need to get to a generalist amazon customer care associate:

Amazon customer care number Toll free: 1-800-3000-9009 (not accessible from BSNL/MTNL phones)

Amazon customer care number Calling from outside India: +91 223-043-0101 (charges may apply)

Password Assistance: +91 1-800-3000-1593 (if you can’t sign in)

Now, it doesn’t matter what your specific problem is. You don’t need a number for a special department just for your issue (eg. a number for Kindle issues, or Prime).

  1. Amazon customer care number service agents can help you with most issues, and if they can’t then they will transfer you to a specialist agent who can help you with your issue. And if that specialist department isn’t available at that moment, then the generalist agent you’re speaking to can arrange a “follow-up” and call you when the specialist department is available.
  2. If, for whatever reason, you are in India but you can’t phone the toll free number above, then just phone the Password Assistance number instead. They will transfer you to the right department once you explain your problem.
  3. If you are outside India and it’s too expensive for you to call the international number above, then phone Amazon customer care number service for the Amazon website closest to you (eg. USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, etc). So, for example, if you are in the USA then phone the .com customer service number 866-216-1072. Tell them that your account is on the India website. They may be able to help you (for many issues), but if not then they can transfer you to Amazon India customer service, but you’ll end up just paying for a local US call.

To get them to phone you:

To get Amazon India customer care number service to call you back you’ll need to be signed into your account and you need to be in India. (They can’t call you if you are not in India).

Once you’re signed-in go to the “contact us” page, make some selections to specify what your problem is, give them your phone number, and they’ll call you back (typically within 60 seconds as that is their service level agreement).


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